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Our "cause" is to help San Francisco's native and honey bees have a healthy environment needed to sustain them so they can help us with our urban biodiversity and agriculture.  In so doing, we aim to be financially self-sufficient.  Products from our honey beekeeping enable us to undertake projects, and to lend support to other groups and project, that help our urban native and honey bees thrive.

Specifically, we aim:

  • To educate San Francisco communities about the value of native and honey bees and, thus, the value of maintaining an urban landscape that integrates and accommodates healthy and sustainable natural ecosystems and native bee populations

  • To contribute to biodiversity and a productive system of urban agriculture within San Francisco by providing residents with information necessary for them to take actions necessary to ensure we have robust populations of native and honey bees

  • To contribute to the health and survivability of native and honey bees within San Francisco through projects that provide pollen and nectar resources needed to sustain healthy populations of native and honey bees


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